Ivy City History Project

Thanks to support from the Humanities Council of the Nation’s Capital, Empower DC has been able to document the previously undocumented history of the historic, African American Ivy City community. The project has included:
  • Over 20 oral history interviews of current and former Ivy City residents, many who are alumni of the Alexander Crummell School
  • The production of an hour long radio-quality audio documentary based on the oral history interviews
  • The publication of the 30-page Ivy City History booklet
  • The collection of on-camera interviews with residents about their views on the community
  • The production of a short film about the legacy of the Alexander Crummell School
Download the Ivy City History Booklet here. The full audio and written oral history transcripts are available in the Washingtonian section of the Martin Luther King Jr Library, and by appointment at the Empower DC offices.