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An Open Letter from Aristotle Theresa Jr.

Wednesday, September 28th I will be arguing before the DC Court of Appeals representing the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association. This is an important case for DC and cities being gentrified nationwide. At issue is whether the Zoning Commission must consider the hardships associated with dislocating public housing residents when weighing the “benefits” of redeveloping a site.

DC is unique in that it has provisions in its citywide Comprehensive Plan that stipulate avoiding dislocation ac the site in question : Barry Farm. The Zoning Commission has held Federal Law precludes their authority on the matter despite the Comprehensive Plan provision.

Winning will lead to remand and increased leverage in negotiating terms for almost 250 black families. lt will also set precedent in DC and be influential in other jurisdictions whenever citizens develop Comprehensive Plan policies addressing dislocation surrounding the demolition of public housing. We want development in phases so no one has to leave the site. Let alone leave it for the ten plus years developers propose. Many residents are multi-generational DC residents. This is their community. Continue reading An Open Letter from Aristotle Theresa Jr.

Hearing at Appeals Court!

Barry Farm Tenants & Allies Association VS DC Zoning Commission

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rally and Vigil at 8:00 AM (hearing starts at 9)

DC Court of Appeals
430 E St, NW

Bring ID to enter the court building.

We are planning to stand with BFTAA (Barry Farms Tenants and Allies) on September 28th at the DC Court of Appeals. BFTAA is appealing the DC Zoning Commission’s Stage 1 PUD (Planned Unit Development) approval.  The Zoning Commission failed to acknowledge the displacement of Barry Farms residents as a “hardship” in their zoning approval of the redevelopment. The DC Office of Planning’s Comprehensive Plan calls for the redevelopment to avoid “dislocation or hardship” as if 1 doesn’t equal the other. We MUST show up to convey the message to the judge and to the public that displacement IS hardship!  BFTAA needs a STRONG presence with allies at this hearing.

Rally with Barry Farm residents before we enter the Appeals Court to deliver oral arguments in our appeal of the Zoning decision which approved the Barry Farm redevelopment.  Help us send the message that dislocation IS hardship, and DCHA is violating the law by not protecting the needs of residents.

Environmental Justice Brunch This Saturday!

What does Environmental Justice mean in the Nation’s Capitol?

Join Empower DC for a  district-wide Environmental Justice Brunch. Connect with residents who live on the front line of environmental pollution and development in the historic communities near Buzzard Point, Southwest Washington, DC . Work together to discuss a year-long timeline that empowers and protects communities.

Saturday September 17, 2016
Christ United Methodist Church
900 4th St. SW Washington, DC 20024
10:00 am to 12:00pm

All are welcome. Seating is limited. Please RSVP with Kari Fulton at or 202-234-9119 ext. 104

You can also RSVP on Facebook here.  

See you on Saturday!

Environmental Justice in Buzzard Point

Tune in to Taking Action with Empower DC every Tuesday at 1pm. Tuesday’s show gave an update on what’s happening with Environmental Justice in Buzzard Point.The DC Department of Health JUST released the Community Health and Safety Study for the neighborhood. Find out the Alarming Results and how to push back! Special guests, will be ANC Commissioner, Rhonda Hamilton and Stephen Lester of the Center for Health and Environmental Justice. Check out the show below:

DCHA Board of Commissioners Meeting

DCHA Board of Commissioners Meeting

Wednesday, September 14th
12:30 PM
DC Housing Authority
1133 North Capitol St, NE

Bring your ID to enter the DCHA building


Stand with the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association (BFTAA) to oppose the passage of a resolution which would move forward the displacement of residents and demolition of the property – despite DCHA’s failure to address the housing needs of residents, their rights and concerns about the planned redevelopment. 

You can also send an email to the members of the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.
This body has been unaccountable for far too long, signing off on resolutions that threaten the health, safety and housing of the people who call public housing home.  Use the addresses below and the sample email to tell the Board of Commissioners to vote NO on the resolution and to meet with BFTAA to discuss alternatives to our standard, displace and demolish method of redevelopment.  

Commissioners to send it to:
Aquarious Van Ghasri –
Bill Slover –
Brian Kenner –
Frank Lancaster –
Jose Ortiz Gaud –
Kenneth D. Council –
Shelore Fisher –
Terri Thompson –
Ken Grossinger –
Clarence Mobley –
Nakeisha Neal Jones –